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Lindsay Pilko

Muralist, Designer & Wild Moonchild

Finko Creative is a multi-disciplinary design company founded in 2014, specializing in graphic design, interior/exterior murals, and project coordination. Owner/artist Lindsay Pilko is always looking for the next amazing collaboration. "Our specialty is painting murals, either solo or within a group. But our technological skills allow us to do so much more, like apparel, marketing, and digital design. If you're in the market for a statement piece that is proven to make you smile every time you see it, we've got you covered." 

Finko's services include:

          -    Interior/Exterior Murals

          -    Custom Artwork

          -    Graphic Design

          -    Creative Project Coordination

Born in the month of July, Lindsay is a Cancer sign, and claims her title as Wild Moonchild. (In astrology, Cancer is ruled by The Moon.)  The "o" in Finko holds a dot in the center representing the ego, or The Sun.  In traditional Tarot, The Sun card represents warmth, joy, and livelihood. While The Moon card represents the unknown, or understanding not everything is as it seems.  Lindsay believes the balancing of the two   ̶  ego and emotion, fun and curiosity   ̶ creates a container for thoughtfully engaging design, and a beautiful opportunity to express yourself through your creative ideas.

Finko Creative Owner Lindsay Pilko
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