Hello, I'm Lindsay; I own Finko Creative and work full time for Condado Tacos as their Creative Director. 

Finko is a design company that provides capabilites such as custom stencils, stickers, and banners. Located at The Hildebrandt building in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Condado Tacos is a build-your-own taco chain that promotes vegetarian options and fresh ingredients. They're located in Columbus, Ohio, but have restaurants in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and now Cleveland. Finko has been working with Condado since opening in 2014 and continues to design the interiors of each new location. Each interior boasts floor-to-ceiling murals based on collaborations with local artists. Tacos are a delicious way to bring people together, we hope the artwork mirrors that sentiment. 

We are always looking for talented muralists to join future builds, check our news for upcoming location openings and don't hesitate to contact us!