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Finko Creative BTS Foxy Salon



Exterior Mural  |  Lakewood, OH

Exterior mural for Foxy A Salon in Lakewood, Ohio. The design is a collaboration with the owner. It took a few weeks to complete and gave us time to meet the neighbors! Many pups were scruffed in the making of this mural.


Art Collection  |  Cleveland, OH

"This bubbly, colorful collection of art was birthed after experiencing one the darkest periods of my life. Alchemizing fear, bad behavior and anger into loving pieces of artwork was the only way I could heal such deep wounds. Every piece in this collection has been on a journey with me, and collectively, they have changed the course of my life.

Magic is real, colors are awesome, and we are all-powerful, limitless beings. If you feel called to a specific piece, there's a reason, and I trust it will serve you well."

- Lindsay (Owner/Artist)


All items are hand-made, custom designs. Many are made with second-hand frames and scrap materials. Conscious consumerism with the intention of pure joy - now that's magical. 


Interior Mural  |  Los Angeles, CA

Interior mural for Casa Vega Restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Design is a collaboration with the owner. Assistance from Sarah Dougherty. This little hallway made our year!   


Interior Mural  |  Pittsburgh, PA

interior mural for Condado Tacos East Liberty store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Theme was East Liberty in the psychedelic 60s. This mural was a part of a larger collaboration that included 9 other talented Pittsburgh muralists.


Finko HQ  |  Cleveland, OH

After 8 years, we say goodbye to The Hildebrandt Artist Collective in Cleveland, Ohio.

"The Hildebrandt is a beautiful collective of Cleveland artists, and it was our special, safe place. We

experienced a lot of ups and downs over the years, and this place always felt like a home away from home.


One of the things I'll miss most is how much of a mess I could make. I will forever treasure my time there." 
- Lindsay (Owner/Artist)

Finko is relocating to Los Angeles, California. To learn more about us and our services, click here

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